Some Testimonials

 “.... I am really pleased with the voicing of the Yamaha. It is just great for teaching and not such a bright edge to the tone. Thank you very much!”   Lori Elder, BCRMTA 

 “Great tuning!”  George Blondheim, composer/arranger 

 “Thank you for the work you did on my piano.  I'm very happy with the tone!”  Nil Rommel 

 “I just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with my piano. It is better than when it was new! I don't feel like I have to fight with it any more to get it to project and to be able to play many dynamics with control. Thank you. I'm loving playing it.” Peggy O’Brennan   BCRMTA 


My Story

I love my job; I create harmony out of a world of chaos.

I've been developing my ear since I was a child, and have been involved with piano tuning for over 40 years. My job is to make your piano sound as good as it will permit.

Skills and Services

  1. Piano tuning
  2. Piano regulation
  3. Piano voicing
  4. Piano repairs
  5. Piano rebuilding
  6. Advice, evaluations and consultations

Why Play Piano?

80% of the kids that are in  the top 20% for grades study music.

Playing piano is good for the spirit and mind and is excellent stress relief.

Playing the piano is the Olympics of the nervous system. Neuroscientists have found music in general involves much activity in the brain, and that the brain lights up like a Christmas tree when playing piano.

The piano is a complete musical universe, with more range than an orchestra. 

More music has been written for the piano than any other instrument. 

The piano is easy to learn, difficult to master.

Featured Services

Piano Tuning

 Tuning brings all the 220-odd strings into harmony, finely adjusting high-tension heavy steel wire, blending  the vast sea of overtones so they excite and bring out the best in each other to where they take on a life of their own. 

Piano Regulation

Regulating is  adjusting  the keys and  thousands of  other parts for  optimal power, consistency and responsiveness, so the hammer feels like it’s dancing at the end of the fingertip. 

Piano Voicing

 Voicing is best done after tuning and regulation, when  the piano can really be evaluated.   

 Here, the technician begins to shape tone for what it could be, either to his own taste or to suit the client. The hardness and density of the hammers is tailored for the room and player preference. Left to my own devices, I like to mimic an orchestra , with a big resonant bass, working through to high strings and piccolo with as much gradation in tone as possible. It should go from a whisper to a blare, without merely being a pingy sound that`s more or less loud. It should be resilient. 

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Where I'm At

I'm based in both Langley and Prince George area. I regularly visit communities throughout the lower mainland to the Okanagan, the Cariboo, Central Interior, Lakes District, east to McKenzie, Chetwynd and Fort Nelson, the Robson Valley, Jasper, the North Thompson and points between.

Tonecrafter Piano Tuning

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I'm very flexible. Call, text or e-mail most any time for an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.